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Ny Antsika

Its mission

"Ny Antsika" is a malagasy association of general interest, officially created on 21 January 2007.

The objective of the association is to help children, but also families, living pourly, to build a better future to live, not survive.

The association aims basically to promote development of the population.
It is committed to achieving its goals:

  • help disadvantaged children abandoned or betrayed
  • fight against abuse of women and children,
  • fight against poverty,
  • fight against diseases transmitted significantly
  • sensitize women and children for Healthy Living

  • The association acts to raise funds and gather material for feed, house, clothe, provide identification, care, finance studies and reintegration projects in these cases.

    Actually "Ny Antsika" tries to assist these most vulnerable children in scholarship/education, in the small village outskirts of Antsirabe-Madagascar, and with the contribution of its international partners.

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